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Sustainability and Environment

For Connect Plus, Sustainability is about trying to deliver our operations as efficiently and safely as possible, thinking about how we can reduce our impact on the environment while looking after the people that work with us and considering how we affect the community around us.

As a result Connect Plus has adopted an holistic approach to sustainability, taking into account all of our activities, systems and stakeholders with emphasis on the ‘whole-life’ of the project, not just the immediate, short-term actions.

Economic and environmental issues are driving the sustainability agenda; with increasing costs associated with energy, materials and taxes, it has never been more important for us to increase efficiencies that will result in increasing economic benefits for all stakeholders while reducing our impacts on the environment.

We will DELIVER our operations efficiently, safely and innovatively, continually improving them to add value and reduce our impacts while we INSPIRE and LEAD our teams to achieve a more sustainable motorway for the future.

Deliver our Services

We are focused on delivering our operations effectively on a day to day basis with minimum disruption while ensuring safety working, embracing innovative processes, products and systems that can demonstrate efficiency and improvement.

Reduce our Impacts

By realising the value of what we do and understanding the long term picture we can make decisions for the good of our business and for everyone and reduce our impact on the environment at the same time.

Continual Improvement

We are committed to continually improve the network such that it will be resilient for the future taking account of the economic, environmental, social, technological and political landscape and working with our stakeholders to achieve this.

Inspire and Lead

We will lead by example and challenge the industry to change the way they work, embrace best practice and inspire others to do the same.

Adding Value

As we improve our delivery and efficiency we can concentrate on determining the value of other benefits and not just cost.

A Sustainable Motorway

A more sustainable motorway is a more efficient motorway that is managed with resilience in mind and that continually evolves, improves and takes full account of the road user.