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Our Values & Behaviours


Take pride in the work performance

We go the extra mile to deliver

We pride ourselves on our own performance and that of others

We do not compromise on safety or quality

We meet our objectives and share success


To work in collaboration

We listen to each other and share knowledge

We share our expertise

We work at creating effective relationships

We work with our parent companies customers and stakeholders

Shaping the future

Transform ideas into action

We articulate our goals

We focus on building teams to shape the future

We develop our staff to meet our goals

We evaluate outcomes and impacts

Value for money

To provide the client with best value

We prepare comprehensive business cases for clear resolution

We provide added value to our stakeholders

We quickly and efficiently develop solutions and innovations

We deliver proposals to cost and in a timely manner


To take ownership of what is undertaken

We care about how our actions affect others

We treat everyone equally and embrace difference

We encourage everyone to achieve their maximum potential

We appreciate the skills and abilities of others


Embracing change

To welcome change as a natural part of life

We constantly look for innovative and creative solutions

We work to reduce the impact on the environment

We retain the best to bring about change

We are always prepared for tomorrow

Health and Safety Policy 2019

Health and Safety Policy 18