Following a process lasting more than a year, procurement for COFA 3 has now come to an end.


We are very pleased to announce the companies who were successful and have secured a place on COFA 3 are:

  • Jackson Civil Engineering Group Limited
  • Milestone Infrastructure Ltd
  • Octavius Infrastructure Ltd

The new framework agreements will be in place for a duration of six years from July 2023, when we will start the process of procuring work packages through COFA3.

National Highways

National Highways are the government company who plan, design, build, operate and maintain England’s motorways and major A roads, known as the strategic road network (SRN), helping customers have safer, smoother and more reliable journeys.

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Supplier day

On 31 March 2022 we hosted a supplier day to provide details about this future opportunity. The purpose was to raise awareness of our long and short-term aspirations and enable the market to consider how they might participate in future procurement activities.

It was a great opportunity to meet and talk with colleagues from across the industry.

The works envisaged under this framework agreement will comprise Civil Engineering and Technology improvements (including but not limited to structures, geotechnical, junction improvements, roadside technology and environmental) on the M25 network and in some instances, combined with road infrastructure renewals works related to civil engineering and technology.

The works will be built into contracted packages optimised to suit needs, often multi discipline and sometimes phased. Contracts awarded under the Framework are anticipated from £100,000 up to £20m, with a total value estimated at up to £167m (exc. VAT) over a six year period commencing in 2023.  

One community

We recognise that in order to fulfil the fundamental principles of our contract, a fully embedded innovative and integrated supply chain is required, working together with ourselves and our stakeholders in a long term relationship.

Our community currently comprises six main supply chain partners who work alongside our strategic supply chain partner, Connect Plus Services - working in partnership with Connect Plus. Together with the wider supply chain, we come together to collectively develop and share like-minded values, behaviours and initiatives.

Below are some examples of the projects we've undertaken across the network, working in partnership with our supply chain partners through previous call off frameworks.