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Better Journeys - A more free flowing Network

With more than 200,000 vehicles per day on the road, it is critical that the road flows efficiently. The M25 provides a strategic link between London, the UK and international travelers. This is the right time to use our collective skills to create the right environment, governance, culture and
behaviours that will deliver a better road user experience. We aim to transform the M25 Network into a transport hub that is fit for the 21st century.

Innovators: Driven by Connect Plus Services and supported by Connect Plus and Highways England.

The Solution:

  • Deliver a campaign for a more free-flowing M25
  • Better Journeys takes into account both customers and Highways England while embracing innovation and technology to help develop improved experiences on the M25.
  • Designed around Highways England’s strategic outcomes, as identifies in its delivery plan.
  • Better Journeys book has been distributed across Highways England, Connect Plus, Connect Plus Services and parent companies. This includes the outline for 37 business case initiatives.
  • Focused approach around: managing demand, reducing the impacts of incidents and increasing capacity.

The Benefits & The Future

  • Our approach allowed us to go beyond the traditional engineering aspect of improvement schemes and to consider the benefit that modern technology could bring.
  • Our road map includes initiatives such as the M25 SoS App – an incident prediction solution that will help identify incidents faster.
  • Ultimately, success of Better Journeys will result in tangible reduction of congestion.
  • Continued drive and development of the campaign required between Connect Plus, Connect Plus Services and Highways England.
  • Initial focus is on adapting initial delivery mechanisms to make them ready for the M25.