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Energy Strategy

As a company, we need to reduce energy consumption to meet the contract requirements of Schedule 25. There is a pressure for all businesses to control their energy consumption as legislative requirements are becoming more stringent. We need to put together a 5 year plan to control our Energy Consumption.

Innovators: Connect Plus and Connect Plus Services.

The Solution:

  • Develop the Energy Strategy to identify opportunities to reduce energy.
  • The Asset Management Forward Plan includes several lighting schemes that are programmed to be delivered over the next four years.
  • Communications around energy reduction across the business.

The Benefit & The Future:

  • There had been a 5% reduction in lighting consumption.
  • 11% reduction in tunnels/crossing consumption.
  • The DBFO Co are looking for future solutions to reduce energy at the depots and on the Network.
  • Trialling dynamic and adaptive lighting solutions, energy harvesting pavements and ensuring depots continue to be energy efficient.
  • Commitment to reduce energy consumption to 35,267,032 HWhr by 2019.