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Strategic Planning and RIS Development

We need to enhance strategic liaison to support Highways England road investment strategy programme. Historically service providers are consulted by Highways England when major projects are in an advanced stage of development. There is a need to strengthen the relationship between consultants developing major highway schemes. The DBFO Co need to ensure that the final designs incorporate network needs as identified through the Watchman role.

Innovators: Connect Plus and Connect Plus Services

The Solution:

  • The DBFO Co shared network knowledge with Highways England to develop the London Orbital and M23 to Gatwick route strategies, and to validate the findings.
  • This knowledge eventually formed the final documents and ultimately aspects of the RIS 1 programme of major investments.
  • This initiative has been discussed and highlighted at both the network strategy board and the CPS joint venture board.

The Benefits & The Future:

  • Early warning of major changes to network assets.
  • Enable localised issues to be incorporated into overall design.
  • Allow the identification of key asset interventions for delivery at optimal times.
  • Minimise disruptions post opening.
  • Ultimate benefit will be realised during construction phase, and on completion of the RIS programme.