Road Space Optimisation Manager

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Asset And Project Development

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Project Management

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This role is responsible for leading the Road Space Planning team (also known as the Central Planning Office). The Road Space team performs a critical function of planning and co-ordinating all bookings for road space across the M25 network to minimise disruption to customers and to maximise efficiency through providing opportunities for works on the network to be co-ordinated within shared traffic management.

The post holder will be responsible for ensuring that clear processes are in place for all road space applicants to follow, as well as for the Road Space Booking team who are responsible for reviewing and approving all bookings against a set of defined criteria.

The post holder will also be responsible for driving improvement in road space booking accuracy, by implementing clear procedures, training applicants, and developing management information to drive performance improvement. The role will also be responsible for developing an improvement plan for Road Space booking that will continue to increase performance over time.

The post holder will also develop close and effective working relationships with Service Delivery, Framework contractors and Highways England to ensure that CPS delivers its strategic goals for Road Space Booking accuracy and maintains strong stakeholder relations in this critical element of operation.


·         Ensure that Road Space booking procedures and requirements are clearly documented and communicated to all road space applicants within CPS and the frameworks.

·         Provide clear procedures and guidance to the CPS Road Space Booking team to ensure that procedures are applied fairly and consistently regardless of the applicant.

·         Investigate any process failures in road space bookings, including those that lead to the award of contractual penalty points. Lead the follow up to these investigations, ensuring procedures are updated, additional training is provided, or other changes are made as necessary to prevent recurrence.

·         Develop and implement a systems improvement road map for the NOMS system which prioritises investment requirements by business benefit, risk reduction and cost of implementation.

·         Develop and implement performance reporting for Road Space booking using concise and high-quality management information reports with applicants and CPS senior leadership to assess and understand performance and to focus on areas requiring improvement.

·         Liaise with other Road Space SME’s within Highways England and other DBFO areas (as well as those in equivalent roles in other industries) to share good practice and identify learnings for CPS.

·         Lead the Road Space Booking team, ensuring clear accountabilities and objectives are in place and managed.

·         Develop a continuous improvement culture within the Road Space Booking team to drive further improvement in performance and efficiency.

The following qualities / experience are essential:

·         Educated to degree level in a technical or engineering-based discipline

·         Experience in working in a similar function involving the production of detailed operational plans and multi-stakeholder liaison

·         Knowledge and experience of handling large volumes of data with the ability to summarise key points and trends

·         Experience of using analysis and reporting software tools

·         Experience of leading within a complex infrastructure-based organisation

·         Highly organised and able to handle many ongoing priorities without impact on outputs

·         Managing and implementing change

·         Understanding of the highways infrastructure environment and the roles of various stakeholders working within it preferred