Connect Plus

has a 30-year contract with Highways England to manage and improve the M25 network, one of the busiest motorways in Europe, on behalf of Highways England.

Connect Plus Services

is responsible for operating and maintaining the M25 motorway network, including all adjoining trunk and slip roads on behalf of Connect Plus and Highways England.


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Happy #Pride2020!
We’re proud to be an inclusive business continually striving to create a diverse and engaging environment for our people and customers.

Right now, one in six workers in the UK is experiencing depression, anxiety or stress. In construction, 55% of workers have experienced mental health issues. #MHAW is a great opportunity to start the conversation and get construction talking. #KindnessMatters

Join us in supporting our roadworkers during #MHAW2020 as they undertake essential works to keep essential supplies on the road during the COVID-19 pandemic #KindnessMatters

Did you know that every week around 6.5 million adults in the UK will suffer a common mental health problem, including anxiety and depression? #BeKind #MHAW2020 #KindnessMatters