We’ve adopted a holistic approach to the environment, taking into account all of our activities, systems and stakeholders with emphasis on the ‘whole-life’ of the project, not just immediate, short-term actions.

We proactively manage the environment by positively influencing the M25 Community. By actively looking for ways to reduce negative environmental impacts, we are known as an environmentally responsible company, capable of managing the M25.

We comply with all relevant laws, regulations, standards, including ISO 14001, and with the M25 DBFO Contract.

We maintain a sustainable business using innovative whole life strategies to improve the performance of the Network.

We work closely with the M25 Community to engage people to share best practice and build a healthy community. We protect and improve the environment, focusing on reducing emissions, water use and waste, and minimising disruption.

Every year we put together and work toward objectives that will foster improvements to our environment management system.

We will deliver our operations efficiently, safely and innovatively, continually improving them to add value and reduce our impacts while we INSPIRE and LEAD our teams to achieve a more sustainable motorway for the future.

Read our full environment and sustainability policy here.