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is responsible for operating and maintaining the M25 network, including all adjoining trunk and slip roads on behalf of Connect Plus and National Highways.




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Knowing what to do in a breakdown is very important. This is why we asked @suziperry and @OrtisDeley to help us to give advice in this video clip.

To learn more useful tips about #DrivingOnMotorways, head to our website.


Do you know what to do if a red X appears on the gantry sign above your lane? Watch this clip where @suziperry and @OrtisDeley explain everything to you in detail.

For more advice on #DrivingOnMotorways, head to our website.


During tonight's episode of #TheMotorway, there were incidents where people had problems with their vehicles. To make sure this doesn't happen to yours, do your vehicle checks before you set off on your journeys.


If you’re visiting family and friends over the next few days, make sure to get the information you need so you can plan ahead and have a safe and reliable your journey.

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