Our board of directors is responsible for providing governance and oversight over the strategy, operations and management of Connect Plus. The primary mission of the Board is to represent and protect the interests of our shareholders. The Board oversees our senior management, to whom it has delegated the authority to manage the day-to-day operations of the company.

You'll find some of our corporate governance documents below.

Our policy for collaborative working

At Connect Plus, we maintain a sustainable business culture by developing healthy long term relationships with the M25 Community. We do this so that we can deliver innovative, efficient, high quality schemes, as required by our stakeholders through the standards of fairness, value and efficiency.

Our Chief Executive, Andy Dean, leads the implementation of this policy but everyone in the company contributes towards its success.

Read the full policy here.

Our slavery and human trafficking policy

According to the International Labour Organisation (ILO), there areĀ 21 million people around the world trapped in some form of forced labour. At Connect Plus, we have a duty to ensure that slavery and human trafficking isn't taking place anywhere within our supply chain, nor in any part of our own business.

Read our policy in full to understand the steps we have taken and continue to take.

Our health and safety policy

Operating in complex and high risk surroundings, health and safety is extremely important to us and something we take very seriously. We want to ensure that the M25 network is operated and maintained as a safe environment for our customers and workforce alike, and we have a duty to ensure that, as far as reasonably practicable, there are controls in place to protect our community from harm.

Through an innovative leadership and a dedicated framework we will promote and encourage a culture that enhances the health, safety and wellbeing of all those within our M25 Community.

Read our full policy to find out how we achieve this.

Our quality policy

Connect Plus maintains a quality management system that enables us to create and share value across the M25 Community through rigorous attention to good business practices and continual improvement.

We manage our business through a quality management system that is geared towards ensuring compliance with the M25 DBFO Contract, and maintaining robust controls over the work delivered across the M25 Network.

Read our full policy to find out more.

Our business ethics policy

As stewards of the M25 Network, we have a duty to embody strong integrity and business ethics. We do this while positively influencing the M25 community to do the same, so that everyone has a clear understanding of the behaviours that are expected of them. Our leadership team leads the implementation of this policy and we all contribute to its success.

Read our policy in full.

Our environment and sustainability policy

Connect Plus proactively manages the environment by positively influencing the M25 Community. We actively look for ways to reduce negative environmental impacts so that we are known as a company capable of managing the M25 but also as an environmentally responsible company. Connect Plus Chief Executive Officer leads the implementation of this policy but we all contribute to its success.

Read our full policy to find out more.