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Structures Asset Engineer


The Structures Asset comprises over 2500 individual structures ranging from small span structures to the QEII Bridge at the Dartford River Crossing, and also includes vehicle restraint systems incorporating 440km of road network. The role of Structures Asset Engineer includes the development of whole lifecycle plans to satisfy the long-term hand back requirements of the […]

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Network Flood Manager


The Network Flood Manager is responsible for coordinating and influencing activities towards the resolution of known flooding and standing water issues on the Area 5 drainage network. This comprises developing, implementing, and updating flood risk mitigation plans, including but not limited to, analysing trends in asset data to identify potential causations and solutions that may […]

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Tunnel M&E and Technology Manager


This roles leads and manages the specialist Mechanical and Electrical (M&E) asset management team for the five M25 DBFO tunnels to meet through life, and whole life performance, condition and budget targets. Manage the complex Technology Assets at Dartford and Traffic Monitoring Detector installations around the network whilst fulfilling the key role of Technology Officer, […]

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Asset Management – Highways Technology


This Asset Management role monitors and analyses the performance of Strategic Road Network Highways Technology assets. You will assist in development and management of highways Technology Improvements / upgrade, renewal and maintenance in line with emerging needs and good asset management practice. You will be able to learn and develop engineering and project management skills […]

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