When it rains it kills: Warning to drivers

Last year almost 3’000 people were killed or seriously injured on Britain’s roads when driving in the rain last year. Connect Plus is supporting Highways England’s campaign to encourage drivers to slow down in dangerous driving conditions.

The safety campaign launched by Highways England last month is encouraging road users to slow down after the latest statistics show that rain is 30 times more likely to kill or seriously injure than snow.

Highways England is warning that even driving within the speed limit can be dangerous if drivers don’t leave enough space between them and the vehicle in front. It can take twice as long to stop on a wet road as on a dry road because tyres have less grip on the roads surface.

In wet weather drivers are being advised to slow down if the rain and spray for vehicles is making it difficult to see and be seen, and to also ease of the accelerator to slow down more gradually if the steering becomes unresponsive.

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